taken by a phone camera.. :)


its been 10 months of hibernation.. i really dun have the mood to take or post pictures until this morning i woke up early (well, actually i can't sleep well) and decided to use my newly purchased 60mm for a trial.. hmmm.. not a very good result i might say as i'm not prepared. shud've taken my breakfast first and use a tripod. As you guys can see, the picture is not sharp perfect. but this is the best of all (shaky hands). Had to use flash. The lighting in my room is just not sufficient..

i wonder what Painqler's next project.. wonder what's up with OOF... hmm..


Its hard for me to find some thing like this in Brunei. should i consider myself lucky? Its my relative's neighbour's house.. some people were in the house but i just don't care. its not like i'm takin pics of their wives or daughters ryte?.. well, it would be a plus plus if they were here in the frame.. myb beside the window.. heheh.. the shot was very tight. this is the best i could do..



Another pic from my recent raya visit in Miri.. Its a cage.. duhh!!.. there's actually a bird inside it. Didn't bother to take a look inside it.. its almost midday and its hot so i just snapped around hoping to catch a good one. took this pic right before the host called me for a drink and right before we went off to another house..

i didn't feel right about the photo, so change it to b&w. after awhile i thought it'll look more dramatic in sepia.. tried borders on it.. a vintage one. but doesn't fit with the subject. so i decide a simple border will do to enhance the pic.

and again... i'm open to comments and ideas..


Hey.. Selamat Hari Raya to you guys.. Its been a while since i last posted. Well, last Sunday my family and i went to Miri to visit my relatives from my dad's side.. Its the second time i went there for Raya. The first was last year. so i took family pictures plus a few pics for my blog.

well, its out from the usual landscape theme. Its Urban theme. rather than siting inside, i look around outside the house seeking for subjects. Caught this "gayung" sitting in a unfinish pole fence.

Its a just try-out. What do you think? comments are welcome..

The Sphinx

This is another sunset from our outings in lumut beach. seeking for subject, i decided to take a silhoutte of this boulder. i'm thinking of going to the boulder again to get a better shot as this result didn't satisfy me. hmm.. Painqler.. when is our next outings?..


Our Journey to Tasek Merimbun. Painqler and I woke up early reminding ourself that we could catch the morning sunrise. I'd been there.. once. and i thought i knew the way. well, i don't. i should've turn right but i drove straight to no where. We turned back wasting our precious time..

The boatmen and his son purposely went to the hut. i heard the father said "ah.. gambar saja.. gambar.." a few times since we came. I feel this picture is too tight. The reflection should be in the frame. what do you think??...

Overall, i personally didnt satisfied with the results. Smog, smoke, air pollution or anything else of the same meaning somewhat spoil our outings.